Collection: Spring/Summer 2020

Re-watching the Soviet cartoon adaption of Thumbelina by H.C. Andersen, brought back the childhood fascination about a tiny beautiful girl who ends up, after many obstacles, marrying a prince of her ‘own sort’. The fascination about the images still occupy my thoughts but the message is no longer relevant to the cause. The cause is to distance from the stereotype of a women’s image of, if dressed in particular way thus must act accordingly.

Re-created images for this season stands as the representation of what women (reflection of feminine and girlish naïve look) could look like but in no ways can the look be stereotyped into her character and what she should stand for. This collection is the adaptation of the fairy tale into the idea of fragility and independence going hand in hand with one another. Creating fragile, Thumbelina-like dresses, which reflect the popular images of femininity, but represent strong and independent female characters, whose fate and destiny is always in their own hands.

Spring/Summer 2020