Collection: Fall/Winter 2019

The inspiration for LIYΛ’s Fall/Winter 2019 is punk rock meets royalty.

With influences drawn from The Sex Pistols, seen in heavy boots and strong military trench coats, to a classic vibe and the femininity of violet ruffles, this collection adds touch of rebel to everyday style.  Pants reference the 1960s while 80s oversized shoulder blazers and a splash of shiny chic of recall the TV series Dynasty.

Blending together and hinting at various inspirations the LIYΛ collection caters to the thoughtful, sensitive, and confident woman who dresses any way she desires.

The collection was presented at MoreDash showroom in Paris and showed at MBFW Tbilisi, after which several media channels such as:, W magazine, NSS Magazine,, Fashion network, Hello magazine,, Schon magazine and have featured the collection in their publications.

Fall/Winter 2019