Collection: Resort 22

In RESORT 22 LIYA takes her family history and childhood memories as building blocks to design a collection solidly flavored by the 1980s through defined shapes, silhouettes, patterns, prints and motifs derived from Georgian, Austrian and Russian apparel—and close relatives’ wardrobes.

“Emotions inspire me, rather than things or particular references, having spent a great deal of time with my family at home during 2020 we went through memory lane—old pictures, stories. The pink flower pattern, for instance, reminds me of my great-grandmothers’ summer dresses in Soviet Russia, and the way she would alter them to make them ‘hers.’”

In this collection LIYA is highly attentive to sustainability and stands by the policy of “no fabric waste,” sourcing stocked and already produced textiles. “One of LIYA’s features, which I hope is— and will—contribute to the sustainability, is that we create styles that hopefully can be worn for many seasons and are not a seasonal affair.”

Resort 22