Collection: Fall/Winter 2020

LIYA F/W 19-20 From the streets of Vienna, where sense of past and present always fuses into one.  Where I don’t feel too old or too young at this moment in time.  Where time is just a number.

This collection unites two different emotions and places which I call home. The heroine of this story is undetectable by time. Is she the young girl enjoying elegance in every day wear or is she  an old soul stuck in nostalgia? Knitwear has a feel of vintage pieces found in grandmas closet and redone with faux leather to give it some “fresh air”. Fuchsia oversized  evening dress carelessly thrown over shirt, accessorized with gold massive earrings imitating an elegance of Jackie O with naivety. Her day wear is easily an evening wear and vice versa.

There is never time to waste, she knows the preciousness of time but lives it through with easiness.

Fall/Winter 2020