Collection: Fall/Winter 2021

It is all about the sleeves and tailored blazers this season... Victorian Bohemian interior details, to the early 90’s "working girl" power.

Adding a drop of 60’s flavor and we get LIYA’s fall. Life is a little drama day by day and clothing should complement the action. Keeping the signature knitted sleeves combination with faux leather coat, floating colorful silk dresses, loose fitted shirt dresses with Victorian style inspired sleeves. Voluminous, powerful and at the same time romantic sleeves shapes are the key LIYA Looks throughout the seasons. It is about each and every piece from the collection that stands out on its own!

Life is all about stories so is the cloth we wear every day ! Being part of your stories brings our creations to life. The main driving force behind is not just about creating for strong women, but it is about first and foremost creating for every women. For complimenting the amazing human! We are not here to push any boundaries but we are here to enhance and compliment the harmony within one's self.

Fall/Winter 2021