Collection: Fall/Winter 2022

With everything happening this year, the inspiration if this particular season is Reflections.

Reflections on the past and present. On things, people and places. It is a mix of past and now. There was more time than ever to go through  CD’s, books, diaries and photographs, remember what it was back then.

I am a believer that there cannot be tomorrow without yesterday. It is the foundation that we stand on and from where we grow. This collection is a “love letter “ to the past and appreciation of what it has given us.

Mix of knits that my mother got as a present from her mother. Long asymmetrical dresses that my mother sewed herself for me when I was a child. Leather mini skirt and leather high heel boots which were so popular during my highschool years. It’s a transformation of all those objects and thoughts into reality. It is personal, it is hopeful  and powered by love.

Fall/Winter 2022