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Leather Purse



Body: 100% Calf Leather

Lining:  100% Polyester

Frame: Gold Plated Metal. 

Size:  Length: 34 cm;  Buttom width: 10 cm; Height: 22cm.

PROTECT: Sunlight and water can cause damage by cracking the surface and causing the leather to lose its shape. Whenever possible, keep the bag in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. 

CLEAN: Both calf and buffalo leathers are known for their durability and smooth texture, but dirt can make these soft surfaces crack. Clean with a soft brush or cloth. 

CONDITION: Every few months, apply thin coats of leather conditioner to help retain moisture and prevent cracking. 

POLISH: After applying conditioner, use polish to buff out scratches and maintain shine. 


Preorder Terms

In case of Pre - Order  your product will be ready to ship in 10 working days, after receiving payment.